Two Little Antique Coffee Tables…So Divine!

These little tiny antique tables stole my heart! They were actually my husband’s grandparent’s tables that were handed down to his cousin. She decided to bring them to me to give them the full on distressed look. They were already fully painted white several times over, with organic aging…I just had to really amp up the aging with lots of elbow grease and persistence. I gave them a coat of sealer and sent her back home. They just don’t make furniture like this anymore. Detail, detail, detail … Yes!



Armoire Transformation

This is an armoire I refinished for a client who became a wonderful friend. She is my mentor in becoming organized. She started a business called Decorate & Organize, and she is talented in both! We have worked together on several client projects, so much fun!

Her armoire was originally cherry finish. I was going for old Parisian style.