Project Organization – It Started with one Little Drawer

I am the type who acts on inspiration and impulse. My ADD is to blame and of course, I’d rather just call it the artist within.
Therefore, when it comes to organization, I’m lacking the skill to keep things in places where they belong. I found my keys in the fridge once! My husband is very organized, so it drives him crazy when I cannot find things. He believes that everything should have a place. As much as I hate to admit this, he is right. And over the last year, I’ve had a cloud over my head whispering “get organized you foolish girl”, but my time management skills were right on par with my organizational skills, so finding the time to tackle this endeavor was hard.
I’m a wife, a mom, and a small business owner….I have no time to organize! The ironic thing is that my business is creating custom finishes on furniture and home decor to make my client’s homes beautiful. That same cloud would whisper, “you shouldn’t be making beautiful things for others if you can’t keep your own home in order”. When I started my business, my plan was to recreate and decorate my home to show as my portfolio. But God blessed me with a steady clientele right from he start, therefore my own home got pushed to the back burner. And now, I finally took the initiative to buckle up and start getting my stuff in order.
I can tell you, it’s bliss to be organized! It also can become quite addictive once you start. The key is to start small. Take one small area and focus on it until it is complete. Trust me, you will continue to move on to other areas because you will be thrilled with the results. Life is chaotic enough on it’s own. Why not bring peace to yourself in every little way you can? This is what I have to tell myself to stay on track. It feels really good to finally be organized!


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