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Christmas DiY (gift) Jewelry Holder

Every year for Christmas, my family plays the gift swapping game “dirty Santa”. The gifts range from practical to prank because we plus a few little treasure to entice some “steals”. For one of the gifts, I made this up-cycled, repurposed jewelry frame organizer. It was very easy and you can make it a number of ways. I chose wire for the backing to hang necklaces, but you can do chicken wire, burlap, cork board… retro fabric, etc.



Directional Sign

A client requested I make a directional sign that held all of the places they’ve lived. At the top I out a sign “established” to show their wedding date. It was made with 1×4″s fasted together and cut into arrows. The signs were then hand-painted and distressed for a weathered look. To finish, they are fastened to a stake….in her case, because of the many places the stake is 8′. This will also allow room for her to plant it in the ground. I made her two blank arrows for future destinations (not shown).





Argyle Designed Cedar Chest/Coffee Table

I picked up this cedar chest which was originally cherry finished, and waited for inspiration to take over for the transformation of this piece. I finally settled on an argyle design (faded distressed blue and tangerine) with an old white backdrop. I distressed, waxed and then added dark, aging wax.



My Repurposed Picture Frames

I took two picture frames that were silver, painted them old white and distressed just a little….then hung with fishing line two little wreaths. I luckily came across the wreaths with my candles because they were bought as candle wreaths. They are the perfect size, I think! I hot glued the gold bows and hung them right up! Quick and easy peasy!




My Frugal, Repurposed, Handmade, and Recycled Christmas Mantel

I’ve had to become very frugal over the last several years since I’ve started my own business. Before, I was the complete opposite of frugal, so this has actually been a very good learning curve for me in budgeting money. There for, I will show and tell how I decorated my mantel for Christmas this year without spending a dime! Because I paint furniture, I have a stock pile of paint, which helps. Then I raided my craft boxes AND added in my yearly decor. I still wanted something else to add, so I rummaged though the cabinets and drawers to see what household knick knacks I could repurpose. And viola! I’ve created a festive mantel and the coolest part is that it did not cost anything!


Here is a Crown Royal bottle that I painted and distressed, adding a little ornament around the neck. The bronze vase is actually a lamp that I took apart, the topiary trees were red so I painted to pop a little more (the red sunk into my brick). The cream platter was originally mahogany finished….paint is amazing, it can change everything! And the little paper tree is just that….a paper tree glued to a candle stand. I used art pics with symbolism to the season.


This area consist of a framed tree collage made with the same art type pics. The cream vase was originally painted in an oriental theme.


The angel pics were in a pile designated for a garage sale. I saw them and figured, they are angels, the colors will coordinate and they are the perfect size since we have the TV on the mantel ….UGH!


I finished with a strand of white lights…


And here is my “hope” sign made from an old chopping board. It is made to match the “joy” sign on the opposite bookcase.



I hope you enjoyed my frugal Christmas mantel! With a little imagination, creativity, and effort…you can do so much without breaking the bank.