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Old Pine Chest of Drawer Redo

Hi Friends,

Sorry I have not posted in a while, but thankfully with the New Year….I am busy with an influx of new jobs! Thank You, Jesus!
Below is an old vintage pine chest. I refinished the top in chestnut and a mix of espresso. It was very banged up, but that adds the the “distressed” look. The base is done in one of my favorite colors, Dove white ( made into chalk paint). Clear wax applied then dark wax to give it an antique vibe.






Prince Harrison Collection

My sweet client asked me to create a look for furniture to go in her baby’s nursery. She knew she wanted grey and she gave me creative freedom to design a finish. The furniture was in family storage for years, truly antique pieces. They were a pale yellow color with lots of age and wear. I used a mix of greys to create a muted look with some slight distressing. Finished in wax.






Queen of Green Bombay Desk

This was a dark finished Bombay desk that I picked up for a dime. I love this desk and it sits in my office now for my husband to use:) I figured I would let him have it…ha! I finished it in a mix of bamboo and Antibes like color green with metallic tiger’s eye gold trim and distressing. Finished with clear and dark wax.




It was up at a home decor shop where I showcase my furniture, for some time. My husband wanted it but agreed to try to sell it first. I guess he put the Gris Gris on it because it never sold. So it must have been meant to come back home with us 🙂

Custom Painted French Inspired Bureau









I had this bureau for awhile and it was finished in a tan mix of colors with flowery designs. I probably painted this 4 different colors before deciding on this finish. But that is the beauty with paint, you can just re-paint if you do not like the results. I wanted the cabinet doors to have something a little extra. I used venetian plaster and created a textured stencil designs on the doors. I glazed them with blues and gold. The legs at the bottom have crackle added to give some dimension to the colors. I waxed and distressed, waxed and distressed with multi colors of turquoise, St. Louis Blue and Old White. Added dark wax in some areas and gold metallic on the trim. ImageImageImageImage

The Golden Striped Console Crush

This console table sat in its holding area ( the garage), until I came up with an inspiration to transform it. Sometimes the inspiration comes midway through once you start. I knew I wanted it green, of course since I love green. Plus I love the way green pops on furniture!
It was originally a dark cherry or mahogany finish. I textured the top after prepping and priming, then started with my green paint. I decided on the stripes in gold metallic after seeing that it needed something more…a little more designer flair. I aged it with dark wax then sealed it.
Hope you enjoy this change 🙂