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French Inspired Accent Table

I created the design for this accent table over a year ago. It’s still one of my favorites that I did for a client. It was originally a deep brown finish with a flat top. I painted and distressed the base of the table. Then for the top I heavily textured it with plaster, and added crackle finish. I stenciled the top with the French design then added gold accents to the lettering. I distressed the lettering, then glazed and sealed with polycrylic. Voila!




Harlequin Table and Chairs

I’m going through my past projects done for my clients to transfer my work onto my blog. Here is a pub able and chairs in espresso finish that I created with a harlequin design. I used Old white with Martha Stewart’s tiger eye gold. I outlined the design in bronze and distressed with a layer of bronze.





My Frugal, Repurposed, Handmade, and Recycled Christmas Mantel

I’ve had to become very frugal over the last several years since I’ve started my own business. Before, I was the complete opposite of frugal, so this has actually been a very good learning curve for me in budgeting money. There for, I will show and tell how I decorated my mantel for Christmas this year without spending a dime! Because I paint furniture, I have a stock pile of paint, which helps. Then I raided my craft boxes AND added in my yearly decor. I still wanted something else to add, so I rummaged though the cabinets and drawers to see what household knick knacks I could repurpose. And viola! I’ve created a festive mantel and the coolest part is that it did not cost anything!


Here is a Crown Royal bottle that I painted and distressed, adding a little ornament around the neck. The bronze vase is actually a lamp that I took apart, the topiary trees were red so I painted to pop a little more (the red sunk into my brick). The cream platter was originally mahogany finished….paint is amazing, it can change everything! And the little paper tree is just that….a paper tree glued to a candle stand. I used art pics with symbolism to the season.


This area consist of a framed tree collage made with the same art type pics. The cream vase was originally painted in an oriental theme.


The angel pics were in a pile designated for a garage sale. I saw them and figured, they are angels, the colors will coordinate and they are the perfect size since we have the TV on the mantel ….UGH!


I finished with a strand of white lights…


And here is my “hope” sign made from an old chopping board. It is made to match the “joy” sign on the opposite bookcase.



I hope you enjoyed my frugal Christmas mantel! With a little imagination, creativity, and effort…you can do so much without breaking the bank.

Armoire Transformation

This is an armoire I refinished for a client who became a wonderful friend. She is my mentor in becoming organized. She started a business called Decorate & Organize, and she is talented in both! We have worked together on several client projects, so much fun!

Her armoire was originally cherry finish. I was going for old Parisian style.





Another piece added to my “home office”….

This is a plain black finished chair that was just sitting around my house. I decided on White Dove from Benjamin Moore for my desk unit/bookcases. Therefore, I took this chair and severely chipped it with White Dove. It was done on a complete whim but I really like this chair now. It makes for a nice accent chair in my office and there is always a need for more seating…right? Image