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“Metallic Marvel” Dresser

Here is another metallic silver dresser that I just completed for a client. This dresser is Asian inspired and was in a deep mahogany like finish. After prep work, I painted black…a little trick for metallics is to paint the base coat in black flat. Then I painted in my new favorite Modern Masters, silver shimmer. My client wanted it to look aged and classic. I chose to shade (glaze) in copper penny bronze. The bronze complimented the original hardware nicely. Usually I seal in polycrylic satin, but for this piece I decided to go with a semi gloss. I absolutely loved the result. I hope you enjoy this transformation.






The Silver Sensation Dresser

I’ve been through many metallic paints but I have to say, Modern Masters is my absolute favorite! This antique French Provincial went from the past to the present in a flash of metallic silver. I kept the hardware original because the natural patina looked cool, mixing the old with the new. Hope you enjoy the pics!







Directional Sign

A client requested I make a directional sign that held all of the places they’ve lived. At the top I out a sign “established” to show their wedding date. It was made with 1×4″s fasted together and cut into arrows. The signs were then hand-painted and distressed for a weathered look. To finish, they are fastened to a stake….in her case, because of the many places the stake is 8′. This will also allow room for her to plant it in the ground. I made her two blank arrows for future destinations (not shown).





Argyle Buffet

This buffet had raised plaster flowers across the doors. I sanded the doors down flat, painted the base in old ochre and designed the argyle in grey and tangerine. I was going to distress but it took away from the design because there are lots of curves and crevices. My clients wanted a more modern look so solid, I felt was a way to give it a streamlined look.


Prince Harrison Collection

My sweet client asked me to create a look for furniture to go in her baby’s nursery. She knew she wanted grey and she gave me creative freedom to design a finish. The furniture was in family storage for years, truly antique pieces. They were a pale yellow color with lots of age and wear. I used a mix of greys to create a muted look with some slight distressing. Finished in wax.






Custom Painted French Inspired Bureau









I had this bureau for awhile and it was finished in a tan mix of colors with flowery designs. I probably painted this 4 different colors before deciding on this finish. But that is the beauty with paint, you can just re-paint if you do not like the results. I wanted the cabinet doors to have something a little extra. I used venetian plaster and created a textured stencil designs on the doors. I glazed them with blues and gold. The legs at the bottom have crackle added to give some dimension to the colors. I waxed and distressed, waxed and distressed with multi colors of turquoise, St. Louis Blue and Old White. Added dark wax in some areas and gold metallic on the trim. ImageImageImageImage